Planning to Make A Career in Facial Aesthetics? Here’s What You Need to Know

admin / October 25, 2021

Starting a career in facial aesthetics can be a difficult thing. Before making the switch, it’s important that you understand everything about this career, even before you start with the training sessions. In this article, we are going to write all about this career. You will understand in a much better way as to how you can make progress with these non-surgical cosmetics procedures.

First, you need to find a professional training provider for this work. Their quality of work and their reputation in this industry is very important. For example, Este Training Academy is one of the best training institutes in the UK. They conduct full practical sessions with proper study manuals and demonstrations.

The following tips you need to keep in mind when considering a training institute:

  • Find the course tutors and check if they are experienced in facial aesthetics.
  • Identify the course director if they are key opinion leaders in this industry.
  • What kind of products do they use during training? Are they good quality?
  • Is the clinic regulated by the health department of that country?
  • Is this course accredited by a major aesthetic insurance company?
  • Check their reviews and feedback online if they are good.

Once you have all your answers, go ahead and check their Botox training courses content. Such courses should include everything from foundation to advanced level courses and should offer you support whenever required. Apart from the knowledge and skills, this course should also provide practical training on live models.

Working part-time or full-time at a Cosmetic Clinic

Starting your first job at a cosmetic clinic will be a good start for you and your career. You will be around experienced people to gain more knowledge and experience from them. Most clinics prefer candidates who have “Advanced Botox and Filler Training” certifications, as this is the most required criteria in many clinics.

The salary will start off well, with some percentage paid by the customer. The best part is the clinic will arrange the products and the appointments with the customers. All you need to do is be available at the time to attend to the customers.

Setting up your own business 

Many practitioners always dream of starting something of their own. To do so, your experience and knowledge will come into place. You can start with a mobile work, which will cost you minimal too. Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler treatments do not require much equipment. Therefore, a mobile practitioner can put everything in a small travel bag and carry it wherever required.

Another good option would be to get into a partnership with a small salon that is interested in giving you a small space to work. It usually happens that you will have to pay a small amount of your pay to them in exchange for the room that they are allocating to you.

The most important thing is to stand out from the competition. You need to choose skills and training that can make you the best amongst others.