Is Consumption of CBD Good and Safe for Teenagers?

admin / September 15, 2021

Ever since its benefits are discovered, CBD has remained in news. CBD, acronym for cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound that is devoid of THC. THC is the element in marijuana that causes the feeling of “high”. There are a lot of questions relating to the safety of CBD in the minds of people. This article will be answering all of your questions.

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Legality of CBD

CBD is legal in the United States of America so long as they fall under the conditions prescribed by law. The farm bill 2018 has given legal status to CBD lest it contains proportions of THC 0.3% or less. There are several states that have their laws superimposed the federal laws and put a stymie on CBD. You must take the laws of your state into consideration first.

Benefits of CBD for teenagers

Today, teens form a lion’s share of the population which suffers from anxiety and stress. Since their body is going through a lot of changes in the teen ages, they fail to contain everything at once and this leads to anxiety. Teenage is also the age where children feel the most lonely and sad. This might create their subjectivity towards alcohol and drug consumption.

In some cases, children may also commit suicide. CBD acts as a boon in such a dystopian reality. The consumption of CBD is shown to alleviate anxiety, stress, PTSD, depression, etc. it is also documented to be good to reduce acne which gives you confidence with clean skin. CBD also increases the focus levels of individuals which is most important in teens these days.

The World health organization has put CBD on the list of non-addictive drugs. They say that consumption of CBD reflects no addictive symptoms in the consumers. However, the only caveat they attached is that since CBD production is unregulated, you must buy CBD from a trusted source.

Can teenagers buy CBD?

Broadly speaking, there is a void of law at the federal level to impose any lower ceiling on the legality of consuming CBD. Several states have provided for an age limit i.e., 18 or 21 for the consumption of CBD. You must take the state laws into account before planning to buy CBD.


Even though it is completely natural, the benefits of CBD give it a magical character. CBD is the best non-addictive drug in today’s hectic life. However, you must check your state laws before planning to buy it.