How to Optimize for Your Own Branded Search and boost your SEO?

admin / July 22, 2021

What is a Branded Search?

A branded search, as the name itself suggests, is a search that contains your brand name. the reasons for a branded search can be many, ranging from potential clients looking for our products and services to people looking for new employment opportunities. When someone conducts a branded search, it is preferable that your brand dominates the SERP.

What makes Branded Search so Crucial for business?

A person looking for your brand in the search engine is already aware of your existence, which means that he is a high potential customer. The person is either looking for some reviews or wants to land on your website directly, either way, you cannot afford to lose such a potential customer, to prevent it from happening, you must ensure that your page is at the top of SERP.

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Brand-driven searches also highlight the current issues that your customers might be facing with the product of your website. Branded searches have a huge influence on the final decision of the customers. A branded search result may make or break the deal; thus, it becomes imperative that you effuse the SERP with positive content and lock in the customer.

When leads to Brand Search Confusion? 

When people search for a brand name, they often misspell the brand name. This might land the customer on a webpage that has a similar name. Such confusion also occurs when the audience is not fully mindful of the brand’s name. it is advisable that you educate your audience with your brand name, use it more frequently to instill it in the minds of the crowd.

Steps to Optimize for your Branded Search-

Now that we know about the role of ‘branded searches’, let’s learn how to optimize for it.  

  • Identify your position- a ranking analysis is a foremost step in any of the digital marketing strategies. Analyze the SERP where you want to rank and you will notice the areas which need improvement.
  • Divide your Branded Search Queries into Groups based on Intent and Course of Action- Such division makes your work easier. After dividing the search queries into semantic categories, you can strategies for the groups rather than individual queries. Always focus on the search intent and your course of action.

Your course of action might include optimization of your page, creation of a new page, the addition of separate sections on the FAQ page, publishing blog posts, etc.

  • Going the extra mile- your chances of winning the customer are directly proportional to the number of SERPs you control. Branded search also includes the “People also ask” section, videos, images, etc. thus, it becomes imperative that you optimize the website for each of these keywords as well.

Creating optimized videos and hosting them on multiple places, optimizing images, and hosting them too at multiple platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are some of the suggested strategies. You can also maintain longer and content-based channels e.g., LinkedIn. Besides that, setting up mini-sites that target popular queries also helps.

  • Interlink- Interlinking is indispensable especially in those cases when you are using more than one website to optimize a brand-motivated search. It is advisable to use your website to link to third-party assets. This can be done on the about page of your website. You can also make use of the blogs and other posts on the page.

Provide the links to your website in the video and image descriptions. Linking all your channels together into a network of links can help you generate more traffic.


There are multiple benefits of branding. You get a high conversion rate and higher revenue. But that also contributes to a higher and fast-paced branded search. You must be constant in improving the branded search optimization to counter the issue because it is a never-ending process that comes with growth.